Blog - Progres in chapter 13

Progres in chapter 13

by princess_lom
Progress on the new chapter is astonishing. To think I've had such a hard time lately and yet I've done so much! The thirteenth chapter will have thirty pages, which is probably my record in the Eclipse so far. Also, I would like to announce to you that in the last pages you will see a new breed that I am introducing into the story and a new, very interesting character. 
This race is called Kenu. These are beings who spend most of their time in underwater cities. Their planet is surrounded by a great ocean, with a small amount of dry land. However, Kenu can live outside the water. This makes them one of the most exquisite races in the galaxy. This is what they look like: 
kenu-2  kenu-2a
Previously this race looked different, but I was told that they looked a little like a vagina. For the sake of the comic book, I had to change it. I hope that you are not bored with the story I have told you so far, and that, on the contrary, it is getting more and more dynamic and you want to continue reading it.

For those generous people who want to support me in my work, I created a small drawing of Kenu with the possibility of donating any amount of money. I would be grateful. Every penny I earn goes to my daughter and stuff for school. Currently I want to collect for a better tablet.
Thank you for your endurance and I will try to write to you more often!