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OMG. I got something fantastic today!

by princess_lom

I've just noticed a message under one of my comic pages about a video that describes my webcomic. I opened it with a bit of fear because I thought I'd face harsh criticism (as in most cases) but it turned out differently. I'm very thankful for awarding me and my comic among many other great works on the Internet. I consider this to be my little success and it gives me motivation to do more chapters. I needed it. It also shows me that I have faithful readers among you. I hope I won't let you down with next season. Thank you again.


Bad day.

by princess_lom
I have a terrible day. It's a terrible week, actually. Today it was "depression mode" and I was telling myself that life sucks and that no one reads my comic book. A very, very bad week. How do you guys deal with days like this?